Amanda J. Brockman

Amanda J. Brockman is a doctoral student in the Department of Sociology. She graduated with highest distinction from Indiana University, Bloomington in 2009 with a B.A. in Spanish and certificates in secondary education (B.S. equivalent) and English as a second language education. Prior to beginning graduate studies at Vanderbilt, she worked in K-12 public education for six years as a high school Spanish teacher and school librarian.

She received her M.A. in sociology in 2017. Her M.A. paper analyzed the gendered components of literary works read in ninth-grade English classes across the United States. Amanda’s research centers on education, social psychology, work, social movements, and inequality. Her dissertation examines the causal factors of the recent wave of teacher protests in the United States. Amanda has been a member of the EDEFI team since the fall of 2016 and is currently involved in multiple projects that examine the experience of STEM students and postdocs through a social psychological lens.